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Arabian Steel Pipes Co. was established in 1989, with the company’s headquarters, factories and warehouses located in Sahab, Jordan, commanding a surface area of approximately 45,000 M2.

Since its foundation, ASP has been a firm believer that high quality products and competitive prices, along with a fast delivery process, are the key to our solid relationship with our valued customers. While advanced technologies and systems are essential to our company’s operation in today’s high-tech world, our professional workforce and dedicated employees are our most valued asset, and are the reason which has allowed us to maintain our high standard of excellence, keeping our customers satisfied, and helping us build a varied network of returning clients.
In addition to the major local market share that ASP possess, we also export our products to several countries in the region, as well as internationally, with a major share in the Northern American Market. 

Corporate Social Responsibility:
Our CSR strategy includes supporting and contributing to environmental sustainability, which is why ASP has taken the steps to replace part of our energy resources with an eco-friendly energy system.



To supply products and fulfill the distinctive requirements of clients with competitive prices and an exceptional service that exceed their expectations.



To be a top choice company and a leader in the industry for providing steel products and services.



Our values include transparency, integrity and respect.


Phase 1 – 1989:

The production of galvanized and black metal pipes began.


Phase 2 – 1999:

A production line of Riser pipes is added.


Phase 3 – 2000:

A production line of low tubular poles (low voltage) is added. 


Phase 4 – 2002:

A production line of lattice poles (low and medium voltage) is added. 


Phase 5 – 2009:

Production of overhead lines and high voltage and communication towers began.  


Phase 6 – 2013:

A line for Hot Dip Galvanizing processes with a 12-meter long kettle is added.


Phase 7 – 2017:

Production of coated pipes with polyethylene (3LPE) began.

Arabian Steel Pipes Co

Committed to quality

30 years of growth and excellence

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ASP has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality products to ensure that we meet the need of our customers and exceed their expectations. Our dedicated research and development team (R&D) and the continuous development and training courses that are offered to our management team and staff are just some of the ways that we ensure that our technologies and know-how remain top of the line and up to date. 

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ASP is proud to have a major share in the local market, supplying its products to key companies and businesses in Jordan. Our products have also been exported to several countries in the region, which include Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Yemen on a regular basis. In addition, ASP also exports to international markets in North America.    We continue to create a solid network of consumers across the Middle East and the world, in addition to locally based businesses, which is a testament to our high-quality products, after sale service and customer care.

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